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Almo Almond Milk – a milk like no udder!

Almo Almond Milk is made differently from all other fresh and long-life almond milks.  No soaking, blending, sieving or disposing of the nutritious pulp.  Almo Almond Milk uses the whole almond and is churned into a thick creamy butter.  That’s why Almo Almond Milk i sa milk like no udder!

  • Made with South Australian almonds in collaboration with AlmondCo, supporting 85% of all Australian almond growers.
  • Almo Almond Milk does not contain Carrageenan (Gum 407) linked to intestinal and digestive problems found in leading almond milks and ‘barista blends’.
  • Activated almond milk?  Almo Almond Milk don’t soak the almonds to make bigger content claims.
  • Unlike fresh almond milk, Almo doesn’t extract and throw out the pulp.
  • 4% equals 40 grams of thick almond butter in every bottlel
  • Free from added oils, starches, flavours, syrups and sugars.


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