DOC200 Style Trap Mechanism (Stainless Steel) for Stoats, Rats & Hedgehogs


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This DOC200 style trap mechanism for stoats, rats and hedgehogs is:

  • a kill trap that needs to be fixed permanently in the bottom of a box which is especially designed with tunnels to channel the targeted species through holes in mesh and only allows entry of certain sized mustelids and stops the entry of non targeted species such as kiwi as well as protecting the public.
  • a fully stainless steel trap mechanism.

Comes with safety catch (1 safety catch per 10 x traps).

I can also supply a combo version as well as a complete trap box with trap mechanism (either combo or fully stainless steel).

For safety, setting and maintenance instructions for the DOC200 style traps, see the following Department of Conservation video link:

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